Monday, March 5, 2012

The Story of one Prostitute, Nirvanavan Foundation, Rajasthan, India, November, 2009

Under this fabric is a woman, a mother and a daughter. Under this cloth is a woman whose experiences are almost unimaginable for most. Standing in front of this wall is a spirit that has endured the humiliation of countless men, weak souls using her services as a prostitute to feed themselves while giving nothing back.

They begin as early as twelve, some sold to brothels and expected to work seven days a week without rest, servicing as many men as walk through the door. Others are sold to men expecting to be cured of their illnesses by sleeping with a virgin. Instead they rob her of any innocence she might have had up until that most dreadful moment in her life.

On this sunny afternoon the woman gather to be photographed. Some choose to allow their faces to show while others maintain their anonymity. Perhaps she has suffered enough, perhaps she wants to spare us her pain.

I admire and respect this woman. I present her to you as she would have liked to be presented. It is up to the viewer to decipher her story.
Halim Ina Photography

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