Monday, July 27, 2009

Model, Midwest, United States, 2009

In her own words:

'I originally got involved with this project for my own selfish reasons. When Halim first contacted me all I saw was, "your picture in an art gallery.” So I went to my shoot and Halim went more in depth about his reasons why he does this and why it's so important to get these poor girls out of prostitution in India and away from the shame, (I had no idea girls were used for prostitution over there). I believe that education is the best defense you can have and education is what these girls need. They need a voice. I'm glad I could be part of this project.'

She drove over an hour to appear for her photographic session, gave me over three hours, changed into multiple outfits, sent her statement to me in time for the benefit, made an appearance at the benefit even though work was later, showed her support with her presence.

When people ask me 'what can we do,' the least that we can do is what this young woman has done.

She has my admiration as well as the respect of the young girls of whom she writes above.

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