Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Freddie, Model, MIdwest, United States, 2009

In Freddie's words:

'It matters not how others judge you, but only how you judge yourself. In such a big world, it is difficult to find the right path. Not all get to choose their own, but you must make the most out of what lies before you. The women photographed beside me I respect for not allowing themselves to be defeated. Perhaps they see the big picture & ask themselves "Are we alone in this world or are we all in this together?'

She is writing in regards to the girls and women of Nirvanavan Foundation.

Their images can be seen throughout the blog and in their own gallery in my website:



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  1. Thank you very much Freddie for standing with the girls and women of the 'Nat & Kanjar' community and for chosing the right path. You have our respect and support.